SOLD OUT!! 100 Dresses Gift

SOLD OUT!! 100 Dresses Gift


Our Dresses are now sold out! Please give our listing a read to see what we are up to during our Training Program. We always need donations and are currently looking for used cell phones and Laptops to help The Sisters Cooperative maintain their business operations after we leave Rwanda.

Buy a Dress, help a Cooperative!
Want to gift a custom dress but are not sure what to design for that special person in mind?
No worries!
Purchase this option and get sent 2 unique codes to be used towards a dress and shipping.
Fill out the order form with both your information and the person you are gifting too. They will receive an email within 24hrs and must be used before December 31st 2018 in order for the dress to be made during the training program in January/February 2019. You can even write a personalized message that we will add to their email! We will also send them a reminder before December 31st to make sure they get their dress order completed.

Please refer to the full dress listing to see all the design options and more!

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