DODA International Rwanda:

The DODA INTERNATIONAL RWANDA sewing trainers are highly skilled sewers trained by DODA since 2008.

Hategekimana Edison is a professional tailor with more than 30 years experience. He has worked with Doda and Johanne St.Louis since 2008. He continues to work with Doda and Hope Tailoring School as a sewing teacher in Remera. Edison has six children and is dedicated to his family and profession. He is a Master Tailor and trainer for Doda and has been a trusted friend for many years.

Byiringo Felix is a professional tailor with 10 years experience and has worked with Doda since 2015, as both a trainer and sewer. He is currently teaching at Hope Tailoring School in Remera. Felix has a young daughter and has renewed hope that as a trainer for Doda he can provide a good life for her.

Nyiramvhanda Claire is a professional seamstress with more than 15 years experience. She has worked with several fashion designers to create their clothing designs. Claire has been working and training with Johanne St.Louis since 2008. She has been involved in developing several cooperatives and has helped to train new sewers. Claire has three grown children and a grandson, whom she helps to support through her work with Doda.

Uwanyirigira Djema is a highly skilled technical sewer who has been working and training with Johanne St.Louis since 2008. She has developed her skills as a trainer and is learning English. Djema has been working with Doda and as an independent seamstress, designing and making her own products to sell.

Mukanyirigira Boniflide is a talented seamstress and trainer and began working with Doda in 2014. She was the sewing workshop manager for a cooperative in Ntarama started by an organization, Ishya. During this time she trained and provided work for 12 young women. She is recently married and has started a family and continues to work as a sewer and trainer for Doda.


Doda International provides training courses in:

Fashion and Interior Design

Pattern Drafting

Tailoring and Sewing Techniques

Garment Construction for Production

Business Management and Marketing


Training programs and courses are customized to the needs of the organizations, cooperatives and students. These courses can range in length from 1 day to 6 weeks. Doda has worked with groups of different sizes ranging from 4 students to 40 students.

Currently Doda has developed the 100 Dresses Training Course curriculum to teach cooperatives how to produce an exact order order of clothing for export efficiently within a specific time frame. The course provides hands on training and enables students to complete the process of receiving an order, working with patterns and spec sheets, garment construction techniques and working as a production team, business and marketing, quality control and customer relations.

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Doda International has provided training for a number of schools, organizations and cooperatives including Hope Tailoring School - Hopethiopia Rwanda, New Hope Technical Institute - Women’s Federation For World Peace, Shelter Them Rwanda, Glo Creations, Cocoki and Ishya.

On behalf of the staff of New Hope Technical Institute and on my own behalf, I would like to convey to you my heartfelt thanks for your devotion to our school. The training session came as a necessary compliment to the sewing curriculum.
— Georgette – Director of New Hope Technical Institute, Nyamirambo